Communist Education in Texas aka CSCOPE the Hidden Common Core Standards

Have you heard about CSCOPE?   Have you wondered what CSCOPE stands for?  Well the North Texas Council has, so we began researching into CSCOPE.  We have  discovered it is actually the Common Core Standards under a different name and that the bottom line of this style of education is a communist approach to total control over the minds of our children here in Texas and the world.

Please review the 12 points concerning the dangers of CSCOPE and how we can lose our rights, cultural identities and individualities if Common Core Standards gain control, like they are, in our school systems of North Texas and the world!

1.  CSCOPE and COMMON CORE – Education without Representation – CSCOPE is the same thing as Common Core just under a different name.  CSCOPE does not align with TEKS nor have the rigor TEA requires.  The lessons are not transparent and parents do not have access to lessons.

2.  Cost of CSCOPE and how it is a cost that is totally unnecessary:
3.  Texas CSCOPE Review – – Click here to see a list of participating Texas school districts:
4. CSCOPE Does NOT Match to TEKS (TEKS stands for: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)  Here is an example that shows how CSCOPE pulls Texas classrooms away from the TEKS: It all starts when the classroom students fail the online CSCOPE assessments.  (Note: if the CSCOPE assessments were based off of TEKS, students wouldn’t be failing them).   So the classroom teacher starts to use CSCOPE test questions as their lessons or integrates them into their daily lessons.   The classroom teacher does this so the students will have success with the online CSCOPE assessments, but not all of those CSCOPE questions are part of the TEKS.  So now our Texas classrooms are moving away from the TEKS and following these hidden Common Core Standards.
5.  CSCOPE plagiarizes the same textbooks they state don’t meet TX standards:
6.  Texas Legislators are alarmed and looking into CSCOPE! Fox 4 News:

7.  CSCOPE advocates a New Constitution:
8. Mothers are concerned and standing up speaking up to School Boards and groups:
9. Radio Hosts are talking about the dangers of CSCOPE: – 740 KTRH  Interview with Ginger Russel

10.  State of Texas Did NOT Participate in Common Core!  So, why are we doing CSCOPE, the hidden Common Core? Here is Robert Scott’s (Texas Commissioner of Education)  testimony against Common Core.   He also explains, that since Texas decided not to participate in Common Core, how Common Core would go around our  Texas Governor, our Texas Legislators, our Texas School Board of Education (SBOE) and bring the Common Core directly to our schools via packed curriculum.  –
11.  Teachers Are Against the Common Core Standards – Teachers are speaking out against Common Core Standards.  Here’s an article showing an 8th Grade History Teacher speaking against the Common Core Standards:

12. View the people and research behind CSCOPE – Take a closer look at the people CSCOPE lists as the developers or were educational models behind CSCOPE.  Here is what Bander ISD posts on their website:

Curriculum Design, Standards, Instructional Design

  • Fenwick English

John Crain

  • H. Lynn Erickson – “Social Change” – ‘changing social norms and value structures’, ‘ecological concerns’, ‘Increasing global interdependence of people’ – One of her key points is that Traditional Curriculum “fails to meet the intellectual demands of the 21 century” – but never gives a definition of what these intellectual demands are and how a  a solid factual education can’t handle these demands.  She goes on to show how “a concept is an organizing idea; a mental contruct; timeless, universal….” Then lists Concepts in certain subject areas: ex: Social Studies: Evolution – as if these concept is universal throughout the world. – Also, giving description of the world view through a marxist approach ie: government and the impact on families includind rules of government you must follow, down playing religious groups, emphasis Evolution, global warming, global society and a homogenous society with only one ‘culture’.

Learning Theory

Reuven Feurstein

Professional Development

Thomas Guskey

Linda Hammon
Extra: CSCOPE is a Type #2 Education – description by Donna Garner:


TYPE #1 vs. TYPE #2

*My terminology and definitions:

(1)  Type #1 Philosophy of Education: Knowledge-based, academic, clearly worded, grade-level-specific content that is tested largely through objectively scored tests  — These standards (TEKS) are built from K through Grade 12 and are taught mostly through direct, systematic instruction. The new TEKS adopted by the elected members of the Texas State Board of Education since May 2008 are Type #1, and the new STAAR/End-of-Course tests built upon the new TEKS are Type #1.

Type #1 standards could be referred to as the traditional method – the method of teaching that people perhaps 50 years old and older experienced when they were in school.  This included the teaching of phonics, grammar, correct usage/spelling, cursive handwriting, classical literature, expository/persuasive/research writing, the four math functions taught to automaticity, fact-based and discreet courses in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus, U. S. History, World History, Botany, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.   

(2) Type #2 Philosophy of Education (adopted in July 1997 and reflected in the TEKS and TAKS) — Project-based, subjective (emphasize cognitive domain – beliefs, opinions, emotions), subjectively assessed based upon the value system of the evaluator — emphasize multiculturalism, political correctness,  environmental extremism, diversity, social justice agenda  — These standards are built backwards from Grade 12 down to K (similar to trying to build a house from the roof down) and are taught mostly using the constructivist (project-based) approach.

Type #2 can be seen in Obama’s social justice agenda (i.e., Common Core Standards) that includes an emphasis on subjectivity, feelings, emotions, beliefs, multiculturalism, political correctness, social engineering, globalism, evolution, sexual freedom/contraceptives instead of abstinence, environmental extremism, global warming, victimization, diversity, an acceptance of the normalcy of the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender lifestyle, redistribution of wealth, a de-emphasis on — factual knowledge, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers, and American exceptionalism. 

2013 Past Events

2013 Past Events

LOCAL GROUP meetings in North Texas.

January 2013

Speaker Showdown IIJanuary 7th @ 8:30Am through January 8th @6:00PM – Capital of Texas – Austin – 2 Day event of grassroot activiists declaring they want the most Conservative candidate for Speaker of the Texas House.   The Speaker Showdown II event will provide the following: Speaker Showdown II – staging and networking area, Spaker Showdown II – Social Media Command Center, Grassroot Activists Legislative Training, Issue Based Panel Discussions – FREE EVENT!  For more information please visit Voices Empower website.

DCCRW General MeetingJanuary 8th @ 9:30AM – Guest Speaker will be Merrill Matthews talking about reasons why states should opt out of the DeathAct – aka Obamacare.  Dallas County Council of Republican Women – 10300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 345 Dallas, TX 75231 – DCCRW website

U.N. Agenda 21 – January 15th @ 7:00 P.M. – Spring Creek BBQ – Katy, Texas –  Agenda 21 – You are invited to learn more during this presentation that will reveal  the true intentions of those pushing sustainable development through the United Nations’ Agenda 21 – with JBS Coordinator Ken Hoover – 2100 Kary Freeway 1-10 W @ Westgreen Blvd. Katy, TX 77449 – Contact: Mr. Webster 713-248-8413

Agenda 21 – with Cathie Adams – January 22nd @ 6:30PM – Richardson Civic Center – 411 W. Arapaho, Richardson TX 75080 – Learn more about the United Nation’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Plan

Sign Petition for Texas Independence!

A petition that was submitted to the White House for Texas to secede is gaining signatures by the minute!   In 2 1/2 days it reached the 25,000 signature requirement to receive a comment from the Obama administration.  Although, the Obama administration has not given any comment.

The petition to “Peacefully grant the State of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create is own NEW government,” has already passed 100,000 signatures as of Wednesday, November 14, 2012.   Texas by far leads all other states in signatures.   Many other states including: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Louisiana have reached the required 25,000 signatures requirement to receive a comment from the Obama administration.  Yet, no response has been given.  Yet another example that Obama does not keep his word.

Please join your fellow Texans and help send the message to the Obama administration that you disapprove of federal government’s move away from our United States Constitution and American values and want nothing to do with its corrupt and tyrannical ways.

To sign the petition go to

If you have never been to the site before, you will have to register first.   Then you can find the petition to grant Texas’ independence.

After signing the petition, go tell all your friends!   Let’s be heard!

If you want to learn more about Texas’ Independence, The Texas Nationalist Movement has a great informational website worth checking out.  Daniel Miller is the President and a long time conservative fighting for personal liberties.   He is the author of the book, “Line In The Sand”, a great read on Texas Nationalism and the current political, cultural and economic situation in Texas and the United States.

No More Denial, Tyranny Reigns in The United States of America.

I told you from the beginning that our country has been taken over.


I told you that one day you would wake up and find that you are a prisoner in your own country, which you are no longer the citizen but you are now the prisoner.


Does it feel that way to you?


You have a president who is responsible for the murder of four Americans in a foreign country and is not charged with any crime.  How can this be?


A president that borrowed $5trillion in fewer than 4 years, and plans to borrow another $5 trillion in his second term and gets re-elected?


Make no bones about it; both parties are involved with this takeover. 


The clintons, bushes, obma, wilson, roosevelts, all complicit with pushing America over the cliff.  It is gone.  The Constitution is forgotten.  It is mentioned in name only.


Continue to deny and you become the problem. Continue to bury your head in the sand, they will find you.  obmacare took care of that.


Do you want to do something?  Who are you?  You are just one person.


The current administration rejects the most fundamental of American values, that our rights come from our Creator, and not from the government.


The Titanic is sinking. It took a hit.  Are we normal human beings and do we try to vie for our survival? Or do we go into denial like some of the people did on the Titanic and simply go to the bar and drink away our problem?  We could act inappropriately. We could panic.  What good does that do to help with survival?  Or we could quietly and deliberately walk slowly to the awaiting lifeboats.  Quietly getting away from the problem, in this case, the sinking ship, would be the correct answer.


Why not apply the same logic to our sinking country?  We loved it, it was the best, but it took a hit. It is sinking and cannot be resuscitated.  It is dying.  Why don’t we accept that, as painful as it is, and look to at least salvage our state?  We can still do that and again capture the Republic of Texas.


I know it is painful.  I know it is with a great and heavy heart that we acknowledge the pain we have. But it has to be done.  We have to rise to the occasion and act responsibly.  We have to be the grown ups here.  No one else is coming for us. There is no one who will go to Washington to fix it.  It doesn’t see the need to change its ways, it doesn’t want to and it has resolved to not change.  Now with this current administration’s re-election, they now have no need to look to the electorate.  Looks like they are free from any encumbrances, including the Constitution.


We need to get to those “lifeboats”.  Get independent of the problem.  Go to Texas Independence. It is the way to the lifeboats.



Texas Nationalist Conference of November 5, 2012 a Meeting of Texas Patriots

The Conference was held at the Washington on the Brazos Park.  It was an exceptional location.  I highly recommend the Washington on the Brazos Park to anyone for a family day trip.   We arrived early and were able to take advantage of some of the activities held at the park.


We attended the guided tour of the Independence Hall.  Washington is the birthplace for Texas. It was there that our Texas founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836.  The Texas Constitution was drafted and signed there also.


We were standing right where all this happened and were able to even walk down the walkways that the founding Fathers walked themselves.  We saw the Brazos River where Mr. Robinson, an early settler, has set up a ferry service for the people of the town, all 100 of them.


We found all of this very interesting and enlightening.  It also was significant because we are confronted with Texas’s independence today just as those early settlers.  Just as they, we will have to make that historic decision on the fate of Texas and its people.


Historically, when the word got out that Santa Anna had defeated the patriots at the Alamo, many of the settlers took to the “hills”.  They were afraid for their very lives.  There were hundreds of settlers who traversed through Washington to the ferry to find safety.


Lucky for us, Sam Houston and his band of men stood and fought.  In a battle that lasted a mere 18 minutes, they defeated Santa Anna’s army and eventually even captured Santa Anna himself.


Santa Anna, who had decided he wanted to be President of Mexico, demanded all the people join the Catholic Church, pay him taxes and so forth.  The Texans had had enough.  They had come there for freedom, religious and otherwise.


So with the capture of Santa Anna, Sam Houston and his army were able to extract an agreement that Texas would be sovereign and separate from Mexico.  Santa Anna was set free and so was Texas!


So that was the history lesson we received before the Conference, which I think, was a great way to get those Freedom Loving “juices” flowing.


What an inspiration!


The Conference started at 1:30.  There were many speakers.


One of the speakers was from Russia. His name was Mr. Sergei Smet.  He came here for freedom.  He is about in his late 50’s.  He said that he heard barrack obma speak for the first time in 2008.  He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  He had to check to see where he was.  He thought he was back in Russia. He said obma even used the same words that he had heard in Russia. In Russia, after the leader was elected, those people, the “useful idiots” that helped get him elected, were killed.  This man repeated,” those people were killed” several times to emphasis the horror of it all.


He has some friends who are still in Russia and they are watching what they are seeing take place here in America.  “Are those people in America insane?”, they ask.  His Russian friends find it unbelievable that obama is in office.  He said it will be much worse here than in Russia if obama gets re-elected.  To say the least, his speech was, in a word, “Startling”.


The Texas Constitution, which mirrors the U.S. Constitution, has also been violated.  Speaker after speaker told us the “how and why and what” of this violation of the Constitution.


I came away from the meeting, alas, we had to leave a bit early as we had a 4.5 hours drive yet to go, with the feeling that we were among like minded people.  People who have a great trust in God and the republican form of government.


Yet, what we see happening in this country concerns all of us.  You can go anywhere in Texas and talk to just about anyone and they will all say, “Something is wrong”. “Something is going to have to give”. This feeling is universal through out all of Texas.


So somehow I need to re-package what I learned to make it easier to understand and more palatable to the not quiet so informed public.  The seeds of secession or something similar, yet to be determined, are being planted.

So, the overall theme of the Conference was: Do you really think Texas could or would secede?  I think we need to pay attention to what happens in Washington.  It is obvious measures will have to be taken should ob get re-elected.  No one will be safe from his administration and corruption. Possibly secession, nullification or a form thereof will be adopted in order to secure our sovereignty.  Texas has a right, just as all of the states, to its liberty and independence. Texas has a legal right to its independence.

Should obama get re-elected, grave consequences will be heaped upon us.  Just as the early settlers, when Santa Anna took over Mexico, his conquest came with dire consequences to those settlers.  Many fled.  The Brave Stood.  Which will you be?

Another great article on this wonderful event is posted on the Gonzales Cannon by Dave Mundy titled, “Conference speakers promote idea of Texas independence.”

Please Click Now and take a look!



NTC writer: C.C. Parker

Sustainable? Not So Much

Please read: Sustinable Trouble; The Attempt to Transfer the Vision of America by Michael Shaw

Click here for article: Sustainable Trouble; The Attempt to Transform the Vision of America

The above article is one of the most comprehensive descriptions of what the UN Agenda 21 and Global Government is doing to undermine the principles of liberty and to take down America.  Right now there are so many operatives of this agenda in our government that I am not at all sure what it will take to rid ourselves of them.  Nothing that is happening is a coincidence.  Crises are being orchestrated and manipulated to hand over more power to the Social engineers of Globalism.  (Climate Change?  Look for Smart Meters at your house soon.)

Local politicians in America are being sucked into the “Smart Growth” policies of the UN.  Looking for handouts of Federal money has become the mantra of mayors and city councils.  Those handouts come with strings attached.  It’s called “control.”  Our local politicians are throwing away our rights and our autonomy, granted to us by God and in the U.S. Constitution.  They are doing it to get money for stupid things.  A NASCAR Museum.  A Teapot Museum.  A Whitewater Park.   Greenways.  Parks.  Facades on Main Streets for failing businesses.  Meanwhile crying about not enough money for roads, bridges, schools, etc.  Let them eat cake?  Roman circuses?

The riots in Greece are a harbinger of what is coming to America.  Immigrants with no allegiance to our country looking for handouts and free everything….happened in Greece.  Unfunded social programs that are bankrupting the country…happened in Greece.  Labor Unions demanding Social Justice….happened in Greece.  Devaluation of the currency….coming soon here, happened in Greece.  (i.e. the Euro)  Cap and Trade and the VAT tax….happened in Greece.

What is so undeniably insane is that this socialist model has been proven to fail every time it has been tried.  Tyrants don’t care about history or truth.  All they care about is control of the masses to enrich themselves.  It is a recipe for disaster.   People’s lives are already  ruined by Agenda 21, and the EPA’s implementation of  “biodiversity” projects therein.  Note the San Joaquin Valley in California where farms have been shut down and farmers are out of work, packers and truckers are out of work.  That is just one example of many.  The Kelo decision which annihilates private property rights is another example.

Americans who are duped into thinking they are voting out corporate and government corruption and voting in socialist “feel good” projects to help the poor, are not educating themselves to see the lies behind the politicians’ rhetorical nonsense.  It is Americans who are committing national suicide by stupidity.  Convinced by charlatans of some misplaced undeserved guilt for the plight of poorer nations, Americans with large hearts are not using their heads, and getting sucked down the tubes.  And that is what alarms me the most.  That is the train coming smack at us that I can’t seem to stop.  Organizations that started out as charity, such as Hospice, and Habitat for Humanity, are now co-opted by government grants with strings attached.  NGO’s, Non-profits, and all things that used to be voluntary are being twisted into government obligations.  Public schools that used to be operated by states and local communities are now seeped in  Federal indoctrination and union led teachers.  Youth are being indoctrinated to take up the Obama socialist vision for America.  And all of this is being driven by a globalist view for world wide tyranny run by the likes of Al Gore, Maurice Strong, George Soros, all of the usual suspects.

America….helloooooo…..wake up out there.

Guest writer: Cheryl Pass

Visit Cheryl’s blog at My Tea Party Chronicle

2012 Past Events

2012 Past Events

LOCAL GROUP meetings in North Texas.

December 2012

  • Meet with your Texas Legislature and tell them to support David Simpson for Speaker of the House!   David Simpson – Texas State Representative District 7 – Republican  Voices Empower – read an article about Simpson for Speaker! – While you are there at their office – request copies of the US Constitution booklets – they might have some on hand  and they are FREE!  Get as many as you can and pass out to all you know!

November 2012

  • November is National Mom and Pop Month! – November 1 to November 30 and beyond – Fellow Americans remember to purchase goods and services from local owned and private owned businesses.   Remember Mom and Pop shops for your Holiday purchases!
  • Election Day – November 6 – 7:00AM to 7:00PM –

October 2012

  • 912 Ft. WorthMondayOctober 1 – 7:00PM – General meeting – 6:00pm Social Hour – (hamburgers and beverages available for purchase) ELKS Lodge – 3233 White Settlement Road – Ft. Worth TX – Speacial Guest – Terri Hall – founder of the San Antonio Toll Party
  • Dallas County Republican Assembly – Monday – October 1 – 6:30PM to 8:00PM – at Highland Park Cafeteria – 1200 North Buckner -Blvd. Dallas, Texas 75218 – Guest Speaker: Texas State Representative Wayne Christian – $2.00 charge for cost of room – Click here for Facebook Event
  • Prayers for America – Thursday – October 4 – 7:00PM at Prestonwood Baptist Church in the Chapel- Plano Campus – 6801 West Park Boulevard Plano Texas – Prayers leadership from Pastor Stephen Broden, Pastor Mike Connaway, and other community leaders who stand with us supporting Biblical values in government policy.  FREE Event.
  • The Southwest Republican ClubThursday – October 4 – 6:45PM – Monthly meeting – Bobby Cox International Building – 4055 International Plaza, Forth Worth TX 76109 (Behind Home Depot Hulen and I20) – Guest Speaker – Kevin Freeman Author of “Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It Can Happen Again”
  • Hearing on the Health Effects of Smart Meters – Tuesday – October 9th – 10:00 A.M. – at the Capiol of Texas – Room E1.016 – Beth Biesel will be testifying – please GO and testify -for more information go to Texans Against Smart Meters.
  • Virgina Prodan – “Exile from Communism to Freedom” – Hosted by JBS – on Tuesday – October 9, 2012 – 12:00 P.M. – at the Holiday Inn Select – 1655 N. Central Expressway (US 75) Richardson, Texas 75080
  • Students for Liberty Dallas Regional Conference – Saturday – October 13 9:00AM – University of North Texas at Denton 1155 Union Circle, Denton Texas 76203 – Speakers in the Libertarian movement, networking,  You do need to register.  See Facebook Event for more details.
  • Woman On The Wall – The Power of Compounding Activists – Thursday – October 18th – 6:45PM to 9:00PM – 8209 Crooked Stick Lane, Argyle, Texas 76226 – video Premiere.
  • Constitutional Defenders of Texas Press Conference – Wednesday – October 17 – 10:30AM – 1100 Commerce Street Dallas Texas – Spread the news – Go and Bring a friend!
  • Mark Shelton vs. Wendy Davis Debate – Thursday – October 18th – 6:30PM – TCU Dee J. Kelly Alumni and Visitors Center – 2820 Stadium Dr., Fort Worth
  • Poll Watcher Training – October 20 to October 27 – 5PM to 7PM – Tarrant County Republican Party – 2405 Gravel Dr., Ft. Worth 76118
  • John Birch Society Council Dinner and Afternoon Seminars – Houston, Texas – Saturday – October 20th – Tickets range from $25 to $75 – Click here to register for this event.
  • Kaufman County Tea Party 3rd Annual Don’t Mess with Texas Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction – Saturday – October 20 – 5:30PM – First Baptist Forney Great Hall – 1003 FM 741, Forney TX 75126 – Ticket $20 to $25 – Click here website
  • Rally Protesting Unlawful Funding of State Public Education in Texas – Monday – October 22 – 9:00 Travis County Court house – Austin Texas – 1000 Guadalupe – Austin Texas – 78701 – “The unlawful use of property taxes to fund State Public Education is forbidden under Article 8 Section 1-e of the Texas Constitution.  The repetitious, ludicrious, and contradictory Texas Supreme Court Opinions over a 35 year span resulting in unachievable mandates.” Click here for Rally Details.
  • Carrollton Tea Party – Monday – October 22 – 7:00P.M. – IHOP 2625 Old Denton Road, Suite 900 Carrollton – Speaker: KrisAnne Hall – Constitutional Attorney
  • Allen Area Patriots – Texas State Senate District 8 Debate – Thursday – October 25 – 6:00PM to 8:00PM –  Ken Paxton, Jack Teman, Ed Kless – candidates for State Senator for Senate District 8 will face off in a three way debate!  More information on their website.
  • Roots of Liberty Seminar – Saturday – October 27 – 1PM to 6PM – WACO – Crestview Church of Christ 7129 Delhi Waco, Texas 76712  – FREE – Registrattion required due to limited seating – Light snacks will be provided.  KrisAnne Hall Speaker – 5 hour crash course on the Constitution and other foundational documents that are the very roots of American Liberty.
  • 912 Project Ft.Worth – Fun Day on the Range! Quail Creek Shooting Range – Saturday – October 27 – 10:00AM to 3:00PM – BBQ, interesting programs, speakers, and on the range to practice.  Free Presentations by Model Mugging Self Defense and American Combatives Inc.  Special Guest: Jon Wells KSky 660AM, Project Appleseed, Oathkeepers, TSRA, Texas Law Shield and more!  Register and pay online

September 2012

  • Dallas Community College District Public Hearing – Tuesday, September 4 – 3:45PM – DCCCD is proposing a tax hike and tuition hike – Please come and speak up against this, bring signs. 1601 S. Lamar – Dallas TX 75215 (just on the other side of the freeway – southeast of downtown)- free parking across the street – See Fox 4 News Report:
  • 912 HEB-NRH Tea Party – September 4 – 6:30PM – How to Be a Citizen Lobbyist – El Chico 7621 Baker Blvd, Richland Hills, Texas 76118
  • Jury Rights Day – Wednesday – September 5th – we celebrate Jury Rights Day – on this day in 1670 Quaker William Penn of London was arrested, pled not guilty, and subsequently argued against England’s Conventicle Acts, which outlawed the practice of religions other than the Church of England.  This led to the ruling that established protection for the jury to refuse to accept bad government laws.  This refusal of bad laws is called jury nullification of jury veto.  Share this with others!
  • Impact Your Nation” Constitution Training – September 7-8 – Registration 5:30PM, Friday September 7 – Dinner Party 6PM, 8PM Linda Johnston, 8:30 Shane Krauser – Director The American Academy for Constitutional Education – “Impact Your Nation” Presentation – Saturday September 8 – 8AM to 5PM Shane Krauser – Click here for more information – Call Margaret from MTC at 949-375-1171
  • Dallas Young Republican September Monthly Meeting – Monday – September 10 – 6:00PM
  • South West Dallas Republican Club meeting – September 11 – 7:00PM – Bienividos Restaurant 910 N. I 35 E Lancaster, TX 75146 – Speaker : Pastor Stephen Broden
  • Special Showing of “Agenda: Grinding America Down” – Tuesday – September 11 – 6:00PM – Medical Center of Lewisville Grand T – 100 N. Charles Street, Lewisville, Texas 75057 – brought to you by the Denton County Republican Party and DCRP clubs
  • Remembering 9-11 Protecting Collin County – Tuesday – September 11 11:30 AM -1:00PM – Stonebriar Country Club 5050 Country Club Drive, Frisco Texas 75034 – Kelly Stone, Collin County’s Director of Homeland Security as the guest speaker (Buffet lunch served at 11:30 – $20.00 pp (cash at the door) Reservations & more info Click here.
  • Protest WFAA’s Exclustion of Candidates for U.S. Senate RaceSeptember 12 11:00AM – WFAA Studios 3030 Olive – Good Morning Texas – Dallas, TX – John Jay Myers has been excluded. – Come protest media bias. – Time might change – please come back and check the day of – it will be around lunch time! Click here to got to the Facebook Event
  • North Texas Tea Party meeting – September 12 – 7:00PM – Parr Library – Guest Speakers: Rafael Cruz and Lori Medina – 6200 Windhaven Pkwy Plano TX
  • Voter Registration Challenge HearingSeptember 14 8:00AM – Dallas County Health and Human Services Building – 6th Floor 2377 N. Stemmons Fwy, Dallas
  • North Texas Council Meeting – September 15 1:00pm to 3:00pm – IHOP – Vista Ridge Mall –  NW quadrant of mall – 2345 South Stemmons Freeway, Lewisville, TX – Click here for Facebook’s Event
  • The Million Patriot March on DC – Monday – September 17 – 9:00AM to 12:00PM – Capitol Hill, District of Columbia 20002 – Click here to see Facebook’s Event
  • PUBLIC HEARING FOR REGIONAL TRANSPORTATIONSeptember 17 – 6:30PM – Euless Public Library – 201 N. Ector Drive Euless – BE THERE TO SAY NO TO MORE TOLLS!  Moving the HOV to 3 people in the car rather than 2!  Learn what the REBATE system is.  WFAA news article Click Here
  • Celebrate Our Conservative Victories – September 18 – 6:00PM – Grapevine Convention Center – 1209 South Main St., Grapevine, Texas – Meet and Greet starts at 6:00pm and Program starts at 7:00Pm till 8:30PM – $5.00 for Meet and Greet – Register Click here
  • Fast and Furious Investigation – September 20 – 9:00AM – Inspector General Horowitz will testify on the findings of his investigation before the Oversight Committee – at 9:00AM at 2157 Rayburn House Office building – webcast of the hearing – Live Streaming
  • ROCK THE VOTE – Thursday – September 20 – 11:00AM to 1:00PM – Rock the Vote at Collin College – Cougar Den – Preston Ridge Campus 9700 Wade Blvd. Frisco Texas – Come joing and spread the ideas of freedom and liberty
  • Irving Health Care Summit – FREE – Friday – September 21 – 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM  Four Seasons Las Colinas, Cottonwood Room 4150 North McArthur Boulevard, Irving Texas  – Drive the discussion about Health Care – with State Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, State Rep Kelly Hancock and the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute
  • Ron Paul Dallas 2012 – Head Quarters Meeting – Friday – September 21 – 7:00PM – American Open Currency Standard – 13835 Welch Road, Farmer’s Branch, Texas 75244 – Discussion of options for moving forward.
  • Great American Heritage Breakfast – Saturday – September 22 – 9:30 to 11:00AM –  Prestonwood Church, Plano Texas – 6801 W. Park Blvd. – Plano TX 75093 – Register online for discount – otherwise pay at door ($12 adult, $10 student) – for full breakfast buffet.  This event is an opportunity fo us to share with younger generations the values that our country was founded.  Those same values seem to be fading from our government with each passing election.  Enjoy this event, bring your young ones and friends!
  • Nationwide End the Fed Event – Saturday – September 22 – 12:00 PM – In front of every Federal Reserve Bank in the Country – FOR Dallas: 2200 North Pearl Street – Dallas Texas 75201 – See Facebook Event for more details.
  • When Worlds Collide a Mark Anderson Radio Show – September 24 – 8:00PM – Special Guest Ron Avery – Studio B on the RNC Network – Click here to go to website –  call in number 817-488-5350
  • Dallas County Poll Watcher Training – Monday September 24 – 7:00PM – 10:00PM – Pete Sessions campaign office – Greenville Ave, Dallas Texas 75214
  • Carrollton Tea Party General Meeting – Liberty Institute – Thursday – September 27 7:00PM – Sojourn Church – 4041 Marsh Lane, Carrollton, TX 75007 – Click here to go to Facebook Event
  • The Legendary Chairman Steve Munisteri – Thursday September 27 6:00 PM – Los Lupes Mexican Restaurant 3855 Beltline Road, Addison, Texas 75001  See Facebook Event for more information.
  • Dallas County Republican Party – Luncheon – Thursday – September 27 12:00PM – Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson – Join Chairman Wade Emmert and special guests: Rep. Cindy Burkett HD 113 and Rep. Kenneth Sheets HD 107 – $30.00 a person – Eddie Deen’s Ranch – 944 S. Lamar St. Dallas TX 75207  for more information or to RSVP
  • Happy Hour with State Reps and Candidates – Thursday – September 27 5:00PM – 7:00PM – Doubletree Hotel in Richardson – 1981 North Central Expressway, Richardson Texas 75080 – Stefani Carter, Angie Chen Button, Jef Leach – appetizers provided and cash bar.
  • National Call to PrayerSeptember 28 & 29 – Philadelphia Pennsylvania – America for Jesus – Click here for more information.  If you can’t make it – take a moment out to pray for this event – Friday 28th 7pm to midnight and Saturday 29th 9am to 5pm
  • TEXAS RALLY! September 29 – 4:00PM to 7:00PM – Sulphur Springs Heritage Park – 416 Jackson Street North (next to farmer’s co-op) – A Good Old Fashion Texas Rally!  Hotdogs-Ice Cream – Music – Guest Speakers:  Pastor Stephen Broden, Robert Kecseg, Judge Chris Brown, Dan Flynn, Bryan Hughes, Dr. Lee Cary – just to mention a few… bring your own lawn chair.   See you there!
  • Block Walk – Saturday – September 29 – 9:00AM – Independent Voters – Lyles Middle School 4655 S. Country Club, Garland TX 75043 – Look for Seth Hollist – See Facebook Event click here
  • Texas Gun Owner – Dallas – Gathering – Elm Fork Outdoor Gun Range – September 30 9:00AM – 10751 Luna Road, Dallas, TX 75220 Join us at the gun range and then out for lunch

Attend a Local Meeting in North Texas!

The following are local meetings.   Find one near you and go!   (Meetings are listed in alpha order by city).


  • Allen Area Patriots – Meeting are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month – typically at 7pm – at the New Heritage Church in Allen – 8 Prestige Cir, Allen TX 75002 – Please view their website for more information.  They also have archived videos of their meetings – please check them out.





  • Ellis County Tea Party – 2000 Civic Center Lane, Waxahachie Texas 75165





Michael Connelly: Constitution Day

Michael Connelly has posted a new video on his blog and YouTube titled, ” Constitution Day.”   Have a family movie night and watch Michael Connelly’s video.   Share this with others, we all need to be refreshed on the wonderful foundation our United States was founded upon and how those in office today are ignoring the US Constitution that makes America great.

Michael Connelly’s video: “Constitution Day” – Part 1

Michael Connelly’s video: “Constitution Day” – Part 2

Here is a short article written by Michael Connelly:


Today, September 17, 2012 marks the 225th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States of America. Congress has passed a resolution mandating this date as “Constitution and Citizenship Day” and calling on the people of the United States to celebrate the anniversary and learn more about the Constitution.

Unfortunately, there is little being said about this in the news media, and in many places schools are ignoring it. With the Constitution under attack as never before, now is the time for people to read the Constitution and realize what we are about to lose. Essential elements contained in this unique and venerated document establish and maintain our way of life and protect us from government excesses.

 These include the balance of powers, limits on federal government powers, the rights of states, and the Bill of Rights that does not list the rights given to us by the government, but instead sets forth the rights that are inherently ours and can’t be taken away by the government.

Yet, as I write this many of the elected and appointed officials in our government who have taken an oath of office where they swear to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…..” are violating the oath and trashing the Constitution. This includes the President of the United States, members of both houses of Congress, federal judges and bureaucrats as well as elected officials at the state and local level.

In an effort to help reverse this trend the Constitutional Law Alliance and the U.S. Justice Foundation have chosen this day to release the second and final part of my video presentation on the destruction of the Constitution. It is now available on YouTube. The link to the first part is: and the link to part 2 is: Please watch it, comment, and send the links to others.

Happy Constitution Day my fellow Americans. I hope this is not the last time we get to celebrate it.

Michael Connelly

August North Texas Council Meeting with Chuck Molyneaux

North Texas Council August Meeting at La Hacienda in Colleyville Texas – Director: Bob Morrison

Special guest speaker: Chuck Molyneaux

“How to Write Legislation”

·       Time to go on the Offense! (presented by Chuck Molyneaux)
·       Those who show up ARE the government!
·       Reliance on electing the “right” people is not enough.
     We need to change the course of events. The time has come for us to be in the driver’s seat and make a difference in our government both on the state and Federal levels. We need your input.  Example of a bill the McKinney Tea Party is currently working on:  Legislation for the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate will be written requiring all individuals who wish to run for political office in Texas to present proof of eligibility when they register their candidacy.  Eligibility will be defined as it is in the constitution and any candidate registering will subsequently be required to show verifiable proof.
     With the outside assistance of our newly elected GOP Justice David Evans, the authoring Legislation” will demonstrate the methodology and technique for creating these documents. We will be seeking identification of potential corrective or new legislation for upcoming meetings. What we write will be delivered to both the Texas Senate and House of Representatives where we have secured several senators and representatives to sponsor our bills.
     Chuck invites you to join the McKinney TP on their election bill, -or – better yet – choose another subject that you and you group/neighbors feel need to be addressed, and learn how to draft your own piece of legislation to hand to Austin in January 2013, for the 83rdLegislative session!
Video of Chuck’s presentation.  Thank you to Mrs. Carriger for sharing her recording.
Special thanks to Bob Morrison for a great meeting!  Special thanks to B. Harless for your help and to all members in attendance.   One member traveled 2 hours to come to the meeting – thank you!
God Bless Texas!
God Bless America!