August North Texas Council Meeting with Chuck Molyneaux

North Texas Council August Meeting at La Hacienda in Colleyville Texas – Director: Bob Morrison

Special guest speaker: Chuck Molyneaux

“How to Write Legislation”

·       Time to go on the Offense! (presented by Chuck Molyneaux)
·       Those who show up ARE the government!
·       Reliance on electing the “right” people is not enough.
     We need to change the course of events. The time has come for us to be in the driver’s seat and make a difference in our government both on the state and Federal levels. We need your input.  Example of a bill the McKinney Tea Party is currently working on:  Legislation for the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate will be written requiring all individuals who wish to run for political office in Texas to present proof of eligibility when they register their candidacy.  Eligibility will be defined as it is in the constitution and any candidate registering will subsequently be required to show verifiable proof.
     With the outside assistance of our newly elected GOP Justice David Evans, the authoring Legislation” will demonstrate the methodology and technique for creating these documents. We will be seeking identification of potential corrective or new legislation for upcoming meetings. What we write will be delivered to both the Texas Senate and House of Representatives where we have secured several senators and representatives to sponsor our bills.
     Chuck invites you to join the McKinney TP on their election bill, -or – better yet – choose another subject that you and you group/neighbors feel need to be addressed, and learn how to draft your own piece of legislation to hand to Austin in January 2013, for the 83rdLegislative session!
Video of Chuck’s presentation.  Thank you to Mrs. Carriger for sharing her recording.
Special thanks to Bob Morrison for a great meeting!  Special thanks to B. Harless for your help and to all members in attendance.   One member traveled 2 hours to come to the meeting – thank you!
God Bless Texas!
God Bless America!

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