KrisAnne Hall Speaks About the Background of our Republic and the Constitution of the United States

KrisAnne Hall, a few have heard her passionate speech about the history or the ‘genealogy’ of our Republic and the Constitution.  Some people have heard her name and know that she speaks about the Constitution, but have never heard her.   Many people don’t know her name nor her voice.   That must change.   All Americans should know who KrisAnne Hall is and hear her passionate presentation.  It is about liberty, it is about the foundation of why the United States was formed.  It is something we should all know and never forget.  If we are ignorant or forget then tyranny can raise its evil ways upon us.

Below is a short clip of her message.   To find out more about her visit her website    She has written books and has produced DVDs of her entire seminar for very reasonable prices.  Liberty is worth a look and listen.