Sustainable? Not So Much

Please read: Sustinable Trouble; The Attempt to Transfer the Vision of America by Michael Shaw

Click here for article: Sustainable Trouble; The Attempt to Transform the Vision of America

The above article is one of the most comprehensive descriptions of what the UN Agenda 21 and Global Government is doing to undermine the principles of liberty and to take down America.  Right now there are so many operatives of this agenda in our government that I am not at all sure what it will take to rid ourselves of them.  Nothing that is happening is a coincidence.  Crises are being orchestrated and manipulated to hand over more power to the Social engineers of Globalism.  (Climate Change?  Look for Smart Meters at your house soon.)

Local politicians in America are being sucked into the “Smart Growth” policies of the UN.  Looking for handouts of Federal money has become the mantra of mayors and city councils.  Those handouts come with strings attached.  It’s called “control.”  Our local politicians are throwing away our rights and our autonomy, granted to us by God and in the U.S. Constitution.  They are doing it to get money for stupid things.  A NASCAR Museum.  A Teapot Museum.  A Whitewater Park.   Greenways.  Parks.  Facades on Main Streets for failing businesses.  Meanwhile crying about not enough money for roads, bridges, schools, etc.  Let them eat cake?  Roman circuses?

The riots in Greece are a harbinger of what is coming to America.  Immigrants with no allegiance to our country looking for handouts and free everything….happened in Greece.  Unfunded social programs that are bankrupting the country…happened in Greece.  Labor Unions demanding Social Justice….happened in Greece.  Devaluation of the currency….coming soon here, happened in Greece.  (i.e. the Euro)  Cap and Trade and the VAT tax….happened in Greece.

What is so undeniably insane is that this socialist model has been proven to fail every time it has been tried.  Tyrants don’t care about history or truth.  All they care about is control of the masses to enrich themselves.  It is a recipe for disaster.   People’s lives are already  ruined by Agenda 21, and the EPA’s implementation of  “biodiversity” projects therein.  Note the San Joaquin Valley in California where farms have been shut down and farmers are out of work, packers and truckers are out of work.  That is just one example of many.  The Kelo decision which annihilates private property rights is another example.

Americans who are duped into thinking they are voting out corporate and government corruption and voting in socialist “feel good” projects to help the poor, are not educating themselves to see the lies behind the politicians’ rhetorical nonsense.  It is Americans who are committing national suicide by stupidity.  Convinced by charlatans of some misplaced undeserved guilt for the plight of poorer nations, Americans with large hearts are not using their heads, and getting sucked down the tubes.  And that is what alarms me the most.  That is the train coming smack at us that I can’t seem to stop.  Organizations that started out as charity, such as Hospice, and Habitat for Humanity, are now co-opted by government grants with strings attached.  NGO’s, Non-profits, and all things that used to be voluntary are being twisted into government obligations.  Public schools that used to be operated by states and local communities are now seeped in  Federal indoctrination and union led teachers.  Youth are being indoctrinated to take up the Obama socialist vision for America.  And all of this is being driven by a globalist view for world wide tyranny run by the likes of Al Gore, Maurice Strong, George Soros, all of the usual suspects.

America….helloooooo…..wake up out there.

Guest writer: Cheryl Pass

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