Texas Nationalist Conference of November 5, 2012 a Meeting of Texas Patriots

The Conference was held at the Washington on the Brazos Park.  It was an exceptional location.  I highly recommend the Washington on the Brazos Park to anyone for a family day trip.   We arrived early and were able to take advantage of some of the activities held at the park.


We attended the guided tour of the Independence Hall.  Washington is the birthplace for Texas. It was there that our Texas founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836.  The Texas Constitution was drafted and signed there also.


We were standing right where all this happened and were able to even walk down the walkways that the founding Fathers walked themselves.  We saw the Brazos River where Mr. Robinson, an early settler, has set up a ferry service for the people of the town, all 100 of them.


We found all of this very interesting and enlightening.  It also was significant because we are confronted with Texas’s independence today just as those early settlers.  Just as they, we will have to make that historic decision on the fate of Texas and its people.


Historically, when the word got out that Santa Anna had defeated the patriots at the Alamo, many of the settlers took to the “hills”.  They were afraid for their very lives.  There were hundreds of settlers who traversed through Washington to the ferry to find safety.


Lucky for us, Sam Houston and his band of men stood and fought.  In a battle that lasted a mere 18 minutes, they defeated Santa Anna’s army and eventually even captured Santa Anna himself.


Santa Anna, who had decided he wanted to be President of Mexico, demanded all the people join the Catholic Church, pay him taxes and so forth.  The Texans had had enough.  They had come there for freedom, religious and otherwise.


So with the capture of Santa Anna, Sam Houston and his army were able to extract an agreement that Texas would be sovereign and separate from Mexico.  Santa Anna was set free and so was Texas!


So that was the history lesson we received before the Conference, which I think, was a great way to get those Freedom Loving “juices” flowing.


What an inspiration!


The Conference started at 1:30.  There were many speakers.


One of the speakers was from Russia. His name was Mr. Sergei Smet.  He came here for freedom.  He is about in his late 50’s.  He said that he heard barrack obma speak for the first time in 2008.  He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  He had to check to see where he was.  He thought he was back in Russia. He said obma even used the same words that he had heard in Russia. In Russia, after the leader was elected, those people, the “useful idiots” that helped get him elected, were killed.  This man repeated,” those people were killed” several times to emphasis the horror of it all.


He has some friends who are still in Russia and they are watching what they are seeing take place here in America.  “Are those people in America insane?”, they ask.  His Russian friends find it unbelievable that obama is in office.  He said it will be much worse here than in Russia if obama gets re-elected.  To say the least, his speech was, in a word, “Startling”.


The Texas Constitution, which mirrors the U.S. Constitution, has also been violated.  Speaker after speaker told us the “how and why and what” of this violation of the Constitution.


I came away from the meeting, alas, we had to leave a bit early as we had a 4.5 hours drive yet to go, with the feeling that we were among like minded people.  People who have a great trust in God and the republican form of government.


Yet, what we see happening in this country concerns all of us.  You can go anywhere in Texas and talk to just about anyone and they will all say, “Something is wrong”. “Something is going to have to give”. This feeling is universal through out all of Texas.


So somehow I need to re-package what I learned to make it easier to understand and more palatable to the not quiet so informed public.  The seeds of secession or something similar, yet to be determined, are being planted.

So, the overall theme of the Conference was: Do you really think Texas could or would secede?  I think we need to pay attention to what happens in Washington.  It is obvious measures will have to be taken should ob get re-elected.  No one will be safe from his administration and corruption. Possibly secession, nullification or a form thereof will be adopted in order to secure our sovereignty.  Texas has a right, just as all of the states, to its liberty and independence. Texas has a legal right to its independence.

Should obama get re-elected, grave consequences will be heaped upon us.  Just as the early settlers, when Santa Anna took over Mexico, his conquest came with dire consequences to those settlers.  Many fled.  The Brave Stood.  Which will you be?

Another great article on this wonderful event is posted on the Gonzales Cannon by Dave Mundy titled, “Conference speakers promote idea of Texas independence.”

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NTC writer: C.C. Parker