No More Denial, Tyranny Reigns in The United States of America.

I told you from the beginning that our country has been taken over.


I told you that one day you would wake up and find that you are a prisoner in your own country, which you are no longer the citizen but you are now the prisoner.


Does it feel that way to you?


You have a president who is responsible for the murder of four Americans in a foreign country and is not charged with any crime.  How can this be?


A president that borrowed $5trillion in fewer than 4 years, and plans to borrow another $5 trillion in his second term and gets re-elected?


Make no bones about it; both parties are involved with this takeover. 


The clintons, bushes, obma, wilson, roosevelts, all complicit with pushing America over the cliff.  It is gone.  The Constitution is forgotten.  It is mentioned in name only.


Continue to deny and you become the problem. Continue to bury your head in the sand, they will find you.  obmacare took care of that.


Do you want to do something?  Who are you?  You are just one person.


The current administration rejects the most fundamental of American values, that our rights come from our Creator, and not from the government.


The Titanic is sinking. It took a hit.  Are we normal human beings and do we try to vie for our survival? Or do we go into denial like some of the people did on the Titanic and simply go to the bar and drink away our problem?  We could act inappropriately. We could panic.  What good does that do to help with survival?  Or we could quietly and deliberately walk slowly to the awaiting lifeboats.  Quietly getting away from the problem, in this case, the sinking ship, would be the correct answer.


Why not apply the same logic to our sinking country?  We loved it, it was the best, but it took a hit. It is sinking and cannot be resuscitated.  It is dying.  Why don’t we accept that, as painful as it is, and look to at least salvage our state?  We can still do that and again capture the Republic of Texas.


I know it is painful.  I know it is with a great and heavy heart that we acknowledge the pain we have. But it has to be done.  We have to rise to the occasion and act responsibly.  We have to be the grown ups here.  No one else is coming for us. There is no one who will go to Washington to fix it.  It doesn’t see the need to change its ways, it doesn’t want to and it has resolved to not change.  Now with this current administration’s re-election, they now have no need to look to the electorate.  Looks like they are free from any encumbrances, including the Constitution.


We need to get to those “lifeboats”.  Get independent of the problem.  Go to Texas Independence. It is the way to the lifeboats.