Sign Petition for Texas Independence!

A petition that was submitted to the White House for Texas to secede is gaining signatures by the minute!   In 2 1/2 days it reached the 25,000 signature requirement to receive a comment from the Obama administration.  Although, the Obama administration has not given any comment.

The petition to “Peacefully grant the State of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create is own NEW government,” has already passed 100,000 signatures as of Wednesday, November 14, 2012.   Texas by far leads all other states in signatures.   Many other states including: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Louisiana have reached the required 25,000 signatures requirement to receive a comment from the Obama administration.  Yet, no response has been given.  Yet another example that Obama does not keep his word.

Please join your fellow Texans and help send the message to the Obama administration that you disapprove of federal government’s move away from our United States Constitution and American values and want nothing to do with its corrupt and tyrannical ways.

To sign the petition go to

If you have never been to the site before, you will have to register first.   Then you can find the petition to grant Texas’ independence.

After signing the petition, go tell all your friends!   Let’s be heard!

If you want to learn more about Texas’ Independence, The Texas Nationalist Movement has a great informational website worth checking out.  Daniel Miller is the President and a long time conservative fighting for personal liberties.   He is the author of the book, “Line In The Sand”, a great read on Texas Nationalism and the current political, cultural and economic situation in Texas and the United States.