The North Texas Council was founded in July 2011 by grass-root leaders from all over North Texas.  We are concerned with the direction our country is taking with regards to fiscal responsibility and the lack of constitutionality of our government laws.   Our purpose is to share information and unite North Texas to restore pride and dignity back into our constitution, our supreme law of the land.

The Constitution of the United States of America  was created to govern the government, and many analysts agree that The Constitution was originally intended to control the Government, and now it is used to control ‘We the people’

We recognize this to be true and the North Texas Council’s main reason of existence is to disseminate the truth about the issues that plague our government and spread the truth far and wide no matter how obtuse it may be; so that we can bring back the power of our Constitution, which is to constrict the Government within the boundaries of its meaning.


The North Texas Council is committed to pro-active, non-violent, mass-movement of citizens with the goal of achieving and maintaining constitutional governance in America respecting our inherent rights.

We Believe :

  • In the Divine right to freedom for every individual as endowed by our Creator
  • That a government can govern only with the consent of the governed
  • That our Federal Government is a representative republic limited to the expressed powers that have been delegated by the people
  • The Bill of Rights is a guarantee from governmental intrusion
  • That the government acting apart from the people cannot restrict the freedom of peaceful thought, expression, or action
  • That people are individually and collectively responsible for their actions

We Recognize that:

  • The leadership in Washington D.C. is abusing and/or usurped the U.S. Constitution and does this with full impunity without regards to the wishes of the citizens of the Country.
  • The erosion of our Constitutional Republic has been occurring for over a hundred years.
  • The people have allowed these intolerable offenses against the republic without raising objections to prevent this from happening
  • Our country is controlled by a small group of Elite individuals whose agenda is to turn the U.S.A. into a full fledged communist Country by way of slow and less alarming socialist ideals.
  • We cannot let this destructive behavior continue if we want this and future generations to experience true freedom
  • The Unconstitutional Federal Reserve system, which President Andrew Jackson and Abraham  Lincoln recognized as our country’s greatest enemy, which took over Congress’s power to print our money and establishes money as debt keeps printing money out of thin air further compromising our economy and country.

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